Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Is this legal?

A- Yes, of course an escort service is legal. You are simply going on a date with a beautiful women. Our only requirement is that you are of legal age and be kind and respectful to your date.
Remember that we are not arranging for, nor contracting with you for, sex with our escorts. Whatever develops between you and your lovely Toronto escort is entirely up to you, but the service we offer is entirely legal in that it is our job to put you in touch with a young woman whose time you can book according to your schedule and within your requirements. We do make a very considerable effort to ensure that you will enjoy your date. Our Toronto escorts are professional entertainers whose job it is to see to it that you have a good time and that you go home satisfied. This contrasts sharply with more traditional dating for many reasons. First, when you date traditionally, you must contend with the idea that you are dating in or out of your “league.” Who is to say that a man does not have a great deal to offer a very attractive woman, even if he isn’t the most attractive man himself? By booking one of our Toronto escorts, you get access to some of the city’s most beautiful and sexiest women, and it doesn’t matter how good looking you may or may not be. It doesn’t matter if you have very specific time requirements. It also doesn’t matter if you have very specific needs and tastes that you would like to see met. We will make sure that all of these concerns and issues are addressed so that your date with one of our Toronto escorts is the most fulfilling experience it can be. We will do so for reasonable cost and with the expectation that you will be catered to and your needs met. All of this is entirely within the boundaries of the law and we work hard to keep it that way.

Q- What do you do with my info?

A- Your info is kept in complete confidentiality and privacy. We understand that you want to be discreet and take all measures to ensure that.
More importantly, we know that you cannot truly relax and enjoy yourself if you are worried about the discretion of your Toronto escort, or of us, the agency through which you book her. That is why we are entirely committed to discretion and confidentiality. We will keep every aspect of your time with us completely discreet. We will never share your financial or contact information with anyone. You never have to worry that we will ever discuss anything you say, but we will also never look down on it. We will always take you seriously. No matter what your concern, question, preference, or desire, we will always make sure that you feel you can trust us. We will always treat you with respect. We will never divulge any details you share with us of your desires or preferences, either. When you book one of our Toronto escorts, you get our ironclad guarantee that your privacy will be safeguarded through every part of the process, from the first time you contact us until we book your date and then when you let us know afterward if you were satisfied.

Q- Where do I meet my date?

A- She will gladly come to where you are located.
The wonderful thing about booking a Toronto escort is that there is a whole world of convenience and accessibility you probably never knew was available in the universe of dating. Most of the time, when you date more traditionally, you spend your time working around your schedule and your date’s. You may end up wasting a great deal of time and money, or simply passing up opportunities to go out with certain women, simply because of the schedule logistics involved. Today, more of us lead complicated, busy lives than ever before. Finding time to date can be a real hassle, and the women you date can end up wasting your time and money in a number of different ways. When you book with us, however, you skip all that. Our escorts will arrive promptly at the location to which you mutually agree. They will come to you prepared to fulfill their assignments and they will not waste time on anything else. All you have to do is communicate with your escort and the two of you can make the appropriate arrangements, while we coordinate her schedule to match yours in choosing which escort best meets your needs.

Q- How does this work?

A- Our most popular question is how does this all work and its actually really easy and straightforward. All you need to do is pick out a date from the website or we can help you pick out one, give us a call, and we will hook you up. That’s all!
If, however, you would like us to elaborate a little, we would be happy to do so. You see, here at, we specialize in cutting through the red tape of more traditional, conventional dating. The typical man, when he gets ready to date, wastes an amazing amount of time and money on things that really have nothing to do with him enjoying the company of a lovely young woman. Some guys never even get past the initial stage of meeting women who are willing to talk to them enough even to answer the question of whether they would like to go out on a date. Those silly “pick up artist” programs you see on reality television are a good example of just how difficult it can be for a man to get past that initial stage. Here are men who may go for years without successfully securing a date. Whether such a date goes well and ends in sex, or goes badly and results in him finding a different date, can’t even come into play if that man cannot find a woman who’ll agree to go out with him for the first time in the first place.

What we do, therefore, is eliminate all of that costly searching and picking up (or attempted picking up). We skip right to the good part, where you and an attractive woman end up out on a date, or spending some quiet time at home. Our escorts can also provide eye candy and companionship for business trips, family functions, social events, and anything else for which the company of a beautiful woman might either improve your own time or impress others you would like to impress with your dating prowess. When you contact us, we will coordinate with you to find a girl whose schedule matches yours, and whose personality and physical traits also match what you are looking for. We will take note of any special requests you have and make an effort to accommodate them. We will then see to it that you and your new lady friend meet at the time and place to which you mutually agree. Whatever happens after that is entirely up to you, but in the here and now, what you have is a lovely woman whom you might never have managed to date under the more traditional, conventional model. We give you the opportunity to meet beautiful women. It is nothing more or less than that, but it could save you a tremendous amount of time, money, and effort.

Q- Are your girls screened?

A- Yes, all of our girls are background tested and follow strict corporate guidelines to the pleasure of our clients.
What this means for you, specifically, is that we ask a lot of our girls. For one thing, they have to have a great deal of stamina, because the 24/7 party lifestyle of a professional escort is not something that just anyone can hold up to over the long term. Sure, it sounds like a lot of fun, getting paid to meet new and interesting people and show them a good time night after night and day after day. But there are plenty of girls who simply couldn’t take partying every day of the week and coming back for more after doing it for a few days straight. We screen all our girls to make sure they have the qualities that make them first-rate entertainment professionals, and we train them to be able to deal with any problems that might come up for the two of you while you are out on your date. Perhaps much more importantly, we also screen them for the creativity necessary to solve problems on the go and when they come up. Our girls will take charge when you need them to, and will take their cues from you so that you have the best time possible. We require that the typical Toronto escort be a flexible, creative, and personable young lady who truly enjoys meeting new people and spending time with the men who book time with her. We know that you don’t want someone who is just going through the motions. You want to book time with a Toronto escort who truly enjoys what she does. We think that’s very important and we take that obligation to you very seriously. We also screen our girls to make sure they have the background, temperament, and emotional stability required to do their jobs professionally and with discretion.

Q- For how long can I book my Toronto escort?

A- The length of time you book your Toronto escort for is really up to you, and will depend on why you are booking her in the first place. For example, if you just want to spend some quiet time in the company of a beautiful woman, you could book an hour or two of her time as is your preference. If you’re looking to book a night out on the town with the fun and excitement that goes with that, you might choose to book three or four hours. Say you have a company retreat you are attending, or you have some lengthy business function to go to. You could book time accordingly. The thing to remember is that we coordinate the schedules of multiple girls, and the demands on their time are significant. Therefore, the longer the time you wish to book (the longer the amount of time you need your escort for, in other words), or the more rigid your time requirements are (say, you are only free one specific evening within very specific times of the night), the more advance notice we will need to get everything together and set up for you. Please do contact us as soon as possible, giving us as much time to arrange for your escort experience as we can. The more time we have, the better off you will be, because the more closely we can arrange things to meet your needs and parameters. If you have special requests for your date, it is also better to contact us earlier as opposed to later. The more lead time we have to plan, schedule, and make arrangements, the more potentially perfect your escort experience can become.

Q- Will someone find out that I used your service?

A- The only way someone will find out if you used our service is if you choose to tell them. Frankly, we don’t know why you would ever need to inform someone of the fact that you used a Toronto escort, other than that you wish to share with another potential customer just how great the experience was. You can certainly count on our total discretion and confidentiality in the matter. We guard your privacy very carefully. Not only will our girls never discuss the fact that you chose to use our services, but they will never divulge anything that you chose to say to them while they were out with you. Our ladies know that confidentiality is the lifeblood of our business, and the thing that helps build repeat clients. You may trust us to guard your privacy, including your financial information, and to treat you with the respect that you deserve.

Q- Where should I go with my Toronto escort?

A- This is another one of those things that is entirely up to you. The better question should be, where do you want to go that you would benefit from having a beautiful female companion? Over the years we have been in business, we’ve seen just about any event or occasion booked. Some of our clients just want to spend some time with a beautiful woman. That’s fine with us, as long as it’s fine with your Toronto escort. She can meet you at your home or at your hotel, or at a third party location to which you both agree. Perhaps you want a more conventional dating experience with your Toronto escort, in which case you could go to any of the places someone typically takes a date. You could go to a nice restaurant, you could go out to nightclubs, or the two of you could go absolutely anywhere that a man will take a lovely lady. Many of our bookings are for businessmen who wish to have a date for a business function, particularly when that function takes place here and they are in front out of town. Some of our bookings are for social events, family functions, and everything in between. It really doesn’t matter what you would like to do, where you would like to go, or why you need or want to go there. We can accommodate you and we will do our best to provide you with a young lady who will make you look good, blend in as you require, and show you the respect that will make you look like the man you are.

Q- Do I have to live in the Toronto area to book with you?

A- Many of our clients live locally in Toronto, but many of them are tourists and others who are in town on business or for other reasons. We have no preference on the matter. As long as you can meet your escort somewhere in and around Toronto, we can make accommodations for you. If you are visiting and especially if you are seeing Toronto as a tourist, we encourage you to book with us so that one of our wonderful Toronto escorts can show you everything the city’s nightlife has to offer. This is a remarkably modern, clean, and forward-thinking city that has a great deal to offer. There is a reason Toronto is famous, and a reason that it is renowned for its clean streets and friendly people. And if you’re not a tourist but someone who does live here (or perhaps it would be more accurate to say, someone who is fortunate enough to live in this wonderful city), we would love to have you as a repeat client. So no, you don’t have to live in the local area to use our service, but if you do live here locally, we’re happy to have you just as we are happy to entertain those who are in from out of town.