Hi, Allie here, I love to meet men and get to know more about them. I am a charming and beautiful young lady. I am modest and like to have fun and a good chat with my male companions. I am highly sensual with an extremely passionate personality. I offer an experience that is adventurous, intoxicating and fresh. Call me and we can both have a gratifying mutual indulgence.


Age 24
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian/Latina
Orientation Straight
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Toronto escorts Toronto escorts
Toronto escorts Toronto escorts

I love to make a man happy. I love to make all the men in my life happy. I get a lot of weird looks when I admit that one of the things I like most in life is making the men in my life as happy as possible. Isn’t that odd? Shouldn’t it bother us when people think it’s strange, or that you’re somehow backward, for wanting to make a man happy? Every one of the Toronto escorts I work with is a professional entertainer. We all understand that if we don’t please men, we don’t succeed. Our business falls apart without the men we make happy. That’s why I enjoy this so much. It’s not like I’m being oppressed or misused, the way some people seem to think. I’ve never understood why as a Toronto escort I’m looked down on as if what I’m doing is bad, or wrong, or bad for me. I have the ultimate service job in the ultimate service industry. It’s my job to understand my client, to get to know what’s stressing him out, and to ease all that away. I first help him to relax and put him at ease. Once he’s comfortable, then it’s my job to help him have a good time. And what a time we’ll have together? It’s the ultimate expression of wanting to help someone when you try to see to it that they go home happy and that they have good memories. All we are is a collection of our memories, after all. I love being a Toronto escort because Toronto escorts are the girls who make it their business, their professional craft, to make other people happy. We are the escape, the vacation, from the ordinary problems you face. We represent a way to get away from it all that doesn’t require too much time or too much money. We are a great gift to the world, when you come right down to it.

Every man wants a woman who’ll back him up, who’ll support him, who’ll show him that she’s on his side. So much of a wonderful world of excitement and adventure can be yours when you book with me. Not only can I relieve your stress in a way that makes you truly enjoy your life, but I can give you something you didn’t know that you’ve been missing. Just the presence, just the intoxicating perfume of a woman in close proximity to a man, can make that man feel better about himself. Just being near me can make you feel more confident and more happy. When I take your arm and I show you that I’m here for you, and you alone, then things get really interesting. That’s when you realize that the potential for our time together is limited only by your own inhibitions. If you can let them go, so can I, and we can truly have some incredible days and nights together.

What I love about getting to know someone is that it gives me a little window into their soul. In other words, I can’t get to know you unless you start to get to know yourself. It’s part of my job as a Toronto escort to help you out, to make you happy, to lower your stress, and to give you whatever pleases you. I love that easing your troubles, and helping you to feel better and more relaxed, is part of how I do what I do. But best of all, when I start to really peel back the layers, you have to do the same thing, and the more you get to know yourself, the more in touch you will become with what makes you the happiest that you can be. The whole time I’m doing this, of course, I will never, ever judge you. The client always comes first. What the client thinks is sexy, whatever his personal fantasies or desires or even kinks might be, that’s his business. It’s also my job to respect that and never, ever breach the bond of trust that all of our Toronto escorts build with their clients. We keep you and everything you tell us in total confidentiality. You can trust in that. It will never be broken, not once, not for any reason. And this extends to how you spend your time with me. I don’t care if what you want is a beautiful lady on your arm for a business meeting, or for a social event, or for a more formal occasion. Even if what you’re doing involves family, I can be on your arm, I can make you look good, and I can be as involved or as withdrawn as you’d prefer me to be. I can pull all this off, every time.