Hi, this is Amanda. It’s a pleasure to introduce myself to you. I am a young lady who takes everything in stride, who can enjoy the beautiful moments and is full of life. I am a naturalist at heart and I believe in the magic of creating your own world. I like to make my date with you the most enjoyable experience you have ever had. If you want that extra special companion, then please call me anytime! Love and hugs.


Age 23
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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Toronto escorts Toronto escorts

Look, let’s be brutally honest about something. There’s a fact, a truth, that all men share. It doesn’t matter where those men are. It doesn’t matter if they are married or single. It doesn’t matter what culture they grew up in, what their jobs are, or what their politics are. Men are just absolutely in love with the idea of sex. They think about it all the time. They talk about it all the time. They picture having it all the time. Their favorite entertainment always involves it. They enjoy other things that prompt them to start thinking about sex again, even if it’s not direct. For example, in advertising, they say that sex sells. Why would we do hamburger commercials with sexy half-naked girls in them? A hamburger isn’t going to get you a sexy girl. But we make the connection because we know that men love sex and love thinking about it and talking about it. Every man fancies beautiful women and can’t get enough of them. Every man derives pleasure from spending time in the company of lovely, sexy ladies. For some reason, just being close to a sexy girl, just talking to her, just getting to look at her in person, makes a man happy. There have been studies that show men find it more difficult to think and to concentrate and even to solve problems when pretty girls are around. And those pretty girls aren’t doing anything to interfere. They’re just standing there being sexy. That’s what makes the relationship between a Toronto escort and her clients so very special. We are the beautiful women that all men desire. We offer you the chance to spend time with us in the setting of your choosing, on your time and on your schedule. We give you just what you want with none of the nonsense that you don’t. Every man likes to let his vision slide over the gorgeous curves of a sexy, half-naked woman sure. If there’s something he appreciates more, though, it’s being able to spend time with a woman without any of the drama or baggage that normally comes with a more traditional dating relationship. When you book a Toronto escort, you get a woman who will spend time with you, but you also get a time savings. You get to just cut right out of the way all the nonsense that starts with you trying to find some girl, trying to impress her, trying to get her number, trying to get her to call you back, and on and on. That’s what I love about being a Toronto escort most of all. You don’t have to do that dance. You don’t have to go through the motions. The two of you can just go straight to the good part and start having a good time. He needs a date for this length of time and at this time in your schedule. You’re free to do that, so you agree to meet him. The two of you go out and you have fun and whatever develops from there is what develops. It’s absolutely the perfect thing.

When I’m not thinking about what makes the perfect relationship, I’m playing sexy party games. I love to do things like that, like strip poker and naked Twister and spin the bottle and all that stuff. The more innocent the game started out when I was a kid, the more fun it is to make it a naughty, adult game today. It’s a lot of fun to just add this sexual angle to things that never started out with it. Adults should be able to do everything they want to like that. We’ve spent our lives getting to where we are. Why shouldn’t we indulge ourselves? Eat dessert first. Tell a sexy girl you want to play naked Twister with her. Get down with your bad self. I enjoy doing all those things, sure, but I think what a man likes most about a girl like me is that a beautiful woman has the power to just ease all his troubles. Think about that. No matter how bad your day was, when you slip into a hot tub with a gorgeous girl, you can’t think about your troubles anymore. You’re not thinking about them. You’re thinking about that wet, wild, lovely lady in the tub with you. That’s the power we hold over everyone. I could never give that up. And, honestly, I don’t have to. I’m very good at being a Toronto escort and I think my fellow Toronto escorts would tell you the same thing. We all have a calling in life. Mine is being sexy and beautiful and showing men a good time. If doing that is wrong, I don’t want to be right.