Hey! This is Jennier and I am here for you. I want to create that awesome world for you, which is friendly and provides a space for you to express and explore desires or needs that is not being met for you right now. I can create the perfect world where you will feel loved, wanted and will have the urge to explore the new boundaries of satisfaction and pleasure. I guarantee that no matter the location or situation, I will be the best companion you can have.


Age 31
Height 5’5″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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Toronto escorts Toronto escorts
Toronto escorts Toronto escorts

It probably sounds a little silly when I say it, but you know, as Toronto escorts, we’re all part of this big industry that caters to adult needs. That industry has lots of different pieces. What we do here at torontoescortfinder.com isn’t paying for sex, but it’s still an adult-themed business that caters to adult tastes. What we do is put beautiful, sexy, desirable women in touch with men who want to spend time with them, so of course the adult entertainment industry is where we’re going to be most appropriately categorized. What I love about working as a Toronto escort is that I know the job I do is much more satisfying for our clients than just about anything else that they might be tempted to try to satisfy their “adult” desires. I mean, think about, when you consider what an adult considers adult entertainment, what’s the first thing you think of? You probably think of looking at pornography online, right? Every man does it and every man knows that he does it. There are some that don’t admit it, but it’s a natural impulse, and why wouldn’t you take advantage of all the free stuff that’s out there on the Internet just to be looked at and enjoyed? The fact is, though, that looking at some movie of naked people getting it on online, that’s never going to satisfy you the way we can. When you look at that stuff it’s because you’re hoping to make some connection or, worse, you don’t even realize that you’re missing out on a human connection until you make it. When you get in touch with us you find out that we’re a business every bit as unique as your own unique fantasies. You get to meet someone like me, someone who is absolutely gorgeous, sexy, desirable, and sophisticated. You get to spend time with me. Sure, there’s no telling what’s going to develop, but you get to be with a living, breathing, beautiful woman who can listen to you, react to what you tell her, ask you questions, and even help you to have a better time if the date is not going exactly the way you want it to. Can your computer do that? Can a recording of naked people getting it on do that for you? No, it can’t, and it absolutely never will, because the service we offer as Toronto escorts is second to none and exactly what every man is looking for. What man doesn’t want a no-strings, no baggage interaction with a beautiful woman who has been paid to pay attention to him?

Now compare going out with me, spending time with me in person, to staying at home looking at porn. Sure, you’ll get to indulge your fantasies, I guess, but only in your imagination. It’s never going to actually be real. Even if you chat someone up on a phone sex line or on a webcam chat, that woman on the other end of the connection might as well be a million miles away. She can’t touch your arm, or reach out and hug you, or walk into a room with you in a devastating minidress and impress the hell out of your friends or coworkers. The person you’re chatting with might be just down the block or might be across the country, but she probably looks nothing like she says she does if she’s talking to you on the phone, and in some cases she might not even be a woman! That’s the fooling yourself that is porn, and phone sex chats, and other things like that. Why waste your time fooling yourself when you can have an actual woman to spend time with, to go out with you, to impress you and be impressed by you?

I’ve spent a lot of time honing my craft over the last few years. I’m a pretty, young, vivacious woman, and I can blow your mind while giving you memories that will last a lifetime. I’m a skilled entertainer and my job is to make sure you go home happy. I’m not some starry eyed innocent and I know the score. But I can also present myself to those who see us in whatever way you need me to. Tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll see to it that you get it, because that’s my job. That’s why I became a Toronto escort and that’s why I can see myself doing this job for a while, really making it my own and making a name for myself. Before it’s over I want to be known as the best possible Toronto escort I can be. I want to make a lasting impression. I want people to remember my name, to remember my face, you bet.