When you first hear the word, ‘escort,’ there are probably more than a few images and ideas that pop into your head. While some of them could be true, there are many more that only have a grain of truth to them or that are downright false altogether. In fact, some of these myths could be holding you back from contacting a hot babe and having the time of your life. For that reasons, here are the top myths that surround the escort industry.

• MYTH 1-An escort is just another word for a prostitute.

This myth is way out there and is far from the truth. In reality, an escort is just what her name implies. You pay her to escort you to wherever you want her to. If you want her to spend some time with you in your hotel room, that is between the two of you as consenting adults. If you want her to go out to eat with you and keep you company, that is fine, too. The key takeaway you should leave with here is that you are simply paying for a hot babe to spend time with you. How you two spend that time is entirely up to you.

• MYTH 2- Escorts are illegal

There is nothing whatsoever illegal about spending time with a gorgeous woman. You are only paying for her to be with you. As adults, the two of you can work out the details of how you spend that time between you. The reality is that paying for an escort is no different than buying that girl at the bar that catches your fancy a few drinks. An escort, though, tends to be cheaper over the long run and gets you the results you want more quickly.

• You have to spend a certain amount of money to get an escort

Of course, each escort has a base rate that she feels like her time is worth. That rate gets you a set amount of time with her. While many of the men who use escorts prefer to do so in block of time that span a few hours, you can do so in a few as an hour or two.

On the other end of the spectrum, it is possible to find escorts that are thrilled to spend entire weekends with you. If you are not sure how flexible an escort can be, simply contact an agency and tell them your needs. Between you and the escort, nearly every time constraint can be worked with.

• MYTH 3- Escorts are not discrete

This myth is way off base. These women understand that you have a life outside the time you spend with them. Your reasons for contacting an escort are your own and you do not have to explain them to her or be worried that there will be any crossover to your personal life. Escorts thrive on discretion and can be counted on to exude professionalism at all times when you are conducting business with them.