This is Samantha and I’m here for you babe. If you are on the lookout for an elegant, tall, voluptuous, and sophisticated young woman to make your nights exciting and sexy; you have to call me. My body features are what men can only dream of. I have sexy and tender lips and a hot sensuous body with smooth and supple skin. When we are in each others’ company I will make it my duty to relieve you of any stress that you have.


Age 23
Height 5’3″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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I see my job as part entertainer and part therapist, part activities director and part entertainer. I think in today’s world, the average man is just completely overwhelmed with stress. I don’t mean that women don’t experience stress too, because of course they do, but I think that men take the worst of it because everyone just expects them to be strong and not complain. My job takes stress out of dating, and dating can be very, very stressful when you come right down to it and look at it honestly. I help you to get away from the stress that you might otherwise be feeling in your day to day life. When you go out with me, you aren’t just doing something fun or experiencing some of your free time. You’re also just letting go of everything that, for you, is normal, and you’re telling yourself that tonight, you are primed and ready for something truly special, something that is just the best of all possible worlds. Isn’t that wonderful? I think it is. I think it is an excellent chance to fulfill your most deeply held desires. When you book with me, after all, my job is not to judge you. I don’t want to take you out of the experience. I don’t want you to feel anything but completely welcomed and completely relaxed. And when you have that, the potential for what could follow is just mind-blowing. It’s dramatic and it’s special and it’s the craziest thing, really, that for once you get to have what you want and not what someone says you should have. Booking a Toronto escort is the ultimate expression of “you time.” It says that you want to indulge yourself, and that you deserve to be put first. For once you’re going to have a lovely woman who knows how to make you happy and who understands that she cannot succeed at her task unless you go home with a smile on your face. Unlike other things in life, where you never seem to be the person who is put first, I can do that for you. I can give you that gift.

The other way to look at it is that I am saving your life. The average man is just always working, always stressed out, always worried about things he can’t control, and probably not happy overall with his life. If you knew you had something to look forward to, though, if you knew you could leave all that behind and just go enjoy yourself whenever your schedule allowed you the time, how much happier would you be? Booking a Toronto escort allows you to take these little mini-vacations that will help reduce your stress and increase your happiness. Elevate your mood by seeing me whenever possible. If you do that, you’ll be happier and more relaxed, and the end result will be that you’ll live longer. I’m not even joking. Stress and worry and unhappiness have a measurable negative effect on your body and your overall state of health. When you take the time for you, to truly be pleased by someone like me, you are doing yourself a favor. You are investing in your future. You are declaring that for once, you will be first. You will be the person who gets what he wants. You will live your life on your terms and be treated with respect.

I think respect is very important. That is why I love being a Toronto escort so much. It gives me the chance to show respect to men who otherwise might not see it, or for whom true respect might be kind of far in between. If you’re not happy with your dating life, if you’re not happy with your married life, if you’re not happy with your work life, going out with me, spending time with a sexy girl, letting me take care of you, is a way of escaping that unhappiness. It may not be permanent, but I will leave a lasting impression on you. I will give you happy memories that you can cherish. I will make sure that for at least a little while, you were king of the world, and you knew what being king felt like. Now, what are you going to do? Are you going to book with me? Or are you going to keep on denying yourself, keep on telling yourself no, keep on doing what you’re doing and hoping that it doesn’t eventually kill you? Let me save your life. Let me treat you like you deserve to be treated. Book with me now and I will show you just how wonderful it can be to spend your time with a Toronto escort. Stop wasting time and get in touch with me!