Hey, I am Stephanie a sexy, classy and intelligent woman. I believe in giving undivided attention when I am with my man. People close to me describe me as someone who is honest and down to earth. I like adventure and pride myself on being modest and knowledgeable. I am fun loving and always strive to satisfy my client’s expectations to the maximum extent possible. I assure you that after our date you will feel a sense of satisfaction and have a relaxed mind for your day or evening ahead. Im waiting for you, call me!


Age 25
Height 5’1″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Asian
Orientation Straight
Rate $300/Hour
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I believe very strongly that a man wants a woman who can be classy as well as sexy. There are so many women who think being sexy means only being trashy and seeming loose. I know a man likes a woman who knows how to have fun, and who enjoys sex and being sexy, and I think that’s great. But I also think that a man wants a woman who knows how to be classy when the situation calls for it. No man wants a woman who is just kind of trashy. He doesn’t want to introduce a woman like that to his coworkers or to his family members. You would be surprised just how many people we get to meet, as Toronto escorts. There are lots of formal, work, and social functions that people want to take dates to, and it really helps if they can show up with a super attractive, super sexy lady who makes them look good. The thing is, if a guy shows up at a function with his coworkers or his family members and he’s got a woman is sexy but trashy, then she’s not going to make him look good. She’s going to make him look like the kind of guy who steps out with a slut and has bad judgment. That’s no good for anybody and it certainly doesn’t help the guy accomplish his goal of looking better by hiring an escort. You’ve got to be able to turn up the sophistication when it’s called for. You’ve got to be able to make your man look good. If you can do that, well, everything else is easy by comparison.

One of my hobbies is watching belly dancing. I just love to watch it. I think belly dancing is one of those things that is just uniquely feminine. I mean, think about it, you don’t see guys belly dancing. That’s just not a way for a man to move. Belly dancing exults in the female form and takes real pleasure in the female body, and I think that’s wonderful. I think we all need to take more time to take pleasure in the female form. A belly dancer is a woman who has to get completely in touch with her feminine side in order to make the performance work. I think the whole thing is just wonderful and erotic. And if you think about it, belly dancing is something that is open to any woman. Any woman can do it. She just has to get in touch with how she best feels feminine, and then move her body. A woman who is enjoying her body is incredibly sexy to any man who sees her. Men just respond really well to that kind of thing. I think more men need to see a woman take pleasure in herself. In our culture there is almost this weird taboo where female pleasure is concerned. I would love to see us kind of let that go. I think a belly dancer perfectly embodies the spirit of female pleasure and taking that proudly to everyone else. A woman who is dancing, who is celebrating her body and not afraid of it, can really enjoy the attention she gets. And I think that’s very important, both to the man-woman condition, but also to just making our way in our new world. Everything is always changing. Things are more amazing now than they’ve ever been. I think we would be crazy not to take advantage of that, not to embrace every single opportunity we get to have a good time. Your life is just too short not to. I think we all deserve to experience everything that life has to offer, and in order to do that, you’ve got to be both comfortable with yourself and comfortable with other people. You would b e amazed to know that it’s the second part that is the hard part. It’s much harder to be comfortable with other people than it is to be comfortable with yourself.

This is one of the reasons I love adventure, I love excitement, and I never miss an opportunity to have both. This means I always am ready to be spontaneous. That’s the thing about adventure. It almost never comes when you are expecting it. It almost always comes along when it’s the last possible thing from your mind. So you’ve got to be ready for adventure. You’ve got to embrace it. You have to just jump at the chance and ever say no. I pride myself on always doing that, and as a result I am always living my life to the fullest. This is the way I think we all ought to try to live, so that we can all be as happy as possible.