Of course, you could easily answer this question and say that your top place to take your escort is back to your hotel room, but if that is all you did, you would be missing out on all those things that make Toronto a top spot for young professionals. To give you some ideas, this list compiles the top places that you can enjoy the company of a young, sexy and personable lady who is eager to make your night memorable.


Going clubbing is the perfect activity to take your escort along on. What better way to get things started than to shimmy and shake on the dance floor while watching her body gyrate close to yours. You two can get all sweaty and then end the night in the shower – the perfect prelude to a night of sexy fun in your hotel room.

The Aria Entertainment Complex is one of the city’s most hopping places. You can find celebrities and special guests as well as four unmistakably trendy floors. Featuring a patio that is perfect for year-round partying because it is heated, this hot spot caters to the college crowd and the 20-somethings.

For a more sophisticated crowd, visit the Muzik Nightclub. With its large, 41,500 square foot venue and sleek Las Vegas inspired theme, the city’s first Grey Goose lounge is the ideal place to unwind with other clubbers who appreciate the finer things in life.

Historical Destinations

If you love history, you will find a long and varied historical thread that runs through Toronto. Erected in 1793, Fort York was the basis for what would later become the city of Toronto. Built by militia from Canada as well as troops from the British Army, this site and the Fort York Armoury that is located nearby were named a Heritage Conservation District by the city in 1985.

In addition to the Officers’ Barracks, Blue Barracks and South and North Soldier Barracks, Fort York offers access to both a Brick Powder Magazine and a Stone Powder Magazine. Boasting some of Toronto’s oldest buildings, most of the structures today are a combination of both wood and brick while the original buildings were of all wood construction.

Dining Out In Toronto

Toronto offers an entire range of options when it comes to dining out. What could be better than enjoying a sumptuous meal in the delightful company of a gorgeous babe or two? Whether your culinary tastes tend to be along the lines of a good steak or you appreciate more ethnic flavors, Toronto has much to offer the discerning palate.

For a mouth-watering steak, the Harbour Sixty Steakhouse is not to be missed. The epitome of luxury, this restaurant is located along the historic and scenic downtown area. Situated in the Harbour Commission Building, it offers outdoor seating, world-class food options and eye-popping decor, making it one of the city’s most trendy restaurants.

Located in Brambleton, the Turnberry Golf Club’s Restaurant Nine18 is a feast for the eyes and palate. Specializing in Canadian dishes, Nine18 provides stunning views from its heated and covered terrace.