Hi guys, this is Tosha here. I enjoy being in the company of men who are selective about their choices and are well groomed. Do you feel you have seen and done it all in life, but are you still missing something? I provide that missing link, which is the connection you have been waiting for. My eyes reveal my hidden desires and my smile shows my fantasies. The way I touch creates a yearning for more and the features of my body are all yours to explore and make your dreams come alive. Together we can create endless possibilities. I am sure I am the one for you for a fun and relaxing exchange. Why are you waiting, call me before someone else does!


Age 28
Height 5’6″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Straight
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I know that I couldn’t deny, if I tried, that working as a Toronto escort means embracing this party lifestyle. The other Toronto escorts talk about it. It’s really a part of everything we do as our work. Most of the clients I talk to about it, if they ask, think it sounds like the most awesome thing in the world. And who wouldn’t? The idea of getting paid to party, to get down, to have a good time day in and day out, sounds very appealing. My schedule is flexible and I am always doing something fun. I meet new and interesting people every day. I’m never trapped behind a desk. I do a minimum of paperwork. The work I do pays well and, most importantly, I get to make people happy. Making people happy is a big side benefit of doing this job. Being a Toronto escort means bringing happiness to so many people. That’s just such a great thing to me. That’s the reason I got into this work in the first place, because I knew I would have the chance to just let myself loose, have fun, and help people be happy in the bargain. When you’re surrounded by people who are getting the chance, maybe the first chance in a long time, to be happy, you realize that the world is full of wonder. I really enjoy that. I like being able to experience that. There’s no better feeling in the world.

I like to enjoy my freedom by going out to different clubs to dance. Dancing is absolutely, without a doubt, the best thing that there is, and the thing that I enjoy most. I like to eat out at great restaurants, sure, and I enjoy going to the beach or sitting by a pool just being sexy and enjoying my leisure time. I like to party and I enjoy having a good drink, like most people do. But dancing is the thing that brings me the most pleasure. When I dance, my whole body is overwhelmed by this just wonderful feeling of peace and oneness with everything else. When the music is thumping and driving you, when it gets into your body and into your head and just makes you feel like the most incredibly alive being on the face of this Earth, that’s a freedom you’ll never experience under other circumstances. That’s a sensation that is truly unique on the face of the planet. I think that is why historically all cultures had dancing. Even primitive tribes in the dawn of history before us had dancing, and they made cave paintings to tell us so. I just love to let my body experience the sensation of being totally free, surrendering to the beat and to the melody.

The other thing that I love to do is dress up in fetish clothing and lingerie. The sexier the costume is, the better. I love to feel just incredibly sexy and feminine. I love to know that my body is driving a man wild. There is nothing I like better than knowing that when his eyes move over me, he is wishing he could put his hands on me, run them along my body, feel just how wonderful it is to be with me and to get close to me. Lingerie is the ultimate tool for achieving that feeling because only lingerie lets you truly explore the full range of your sexuality. Not even being completely naked does that, because naked bodies are our natural state. We were born naked and we’ll go out of this world naked, at least to some degree. When we wear lingerie, though, we’re drawing focus to our bodies. We’re forcing attention on our chests, on our rear ends, on our legs, on other more intimate parts of ourselves. That is a way of just focusing and amplifying the natural sexiness that every person has the opportunity to feel when they look at and put their hands on a person. That is why lingerie is so much more powerful in turning someone on than just stripping off your clothes and being naked. Yes, men like a naked girl. But they like a mostly naked girl even better. They like that tease, that flash, that emphasis on the body that draws attention to it. That’s why a girl wearing nothing at all, and a girl wearing a garter belt and stockings but nothing else, are just no comparison to each other. The girl in lingerie will always be the sexier of the two, and by wearing that, she’s declaring her sexuality to the world. She’s telling anyone who looks at her that she is ready and willing to be experienced as a sexual being. I find that so freeing. I do.