Hi guys, this is Wendy here. I enjoy being in the company of men who are selective about their choices and are well groomed. Do you feel you have seen and done it all in life, but are you still missing something? I provide that missing link, which is the connection you have been waiting for. My eyes reveal my hidden desires and my smile shows my fantasies. The way I touch creates a yearning for more and the features of my body are all yours to explore and make your dreams come alive. Together we can create endless possibilities. I am sure I am the one for you for a fun and relaxing exchange. Why are you waiting, call me before someone else does!


Age 28
Height 5’6″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Straight
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When you book a Toronto escort, it’s important that you realize you’re getting a lady who’s ready to adapt and just go with whatever is presented to her. What happens when you get going on this adventure with such a sexy lady is going to take place as a result of the places you go and get to, the stuff you plan, and how things just kind of flow. What’s amazing is that the date you’re about to go on, the adventure you’re about to have with this girl, there is no limit to where it can go and what it can become. The limits of your imagination is all that is stopping you. You can go to literally anywhere in the city, you can engage in almost any activity that you can think of, and you’re doing it all with someone who is incredibly sexy, incredibly beautiful, and incredibly fun to be with. So each and every time I engage with a client, I know that I’m having a great time and that the potential is limitless. I never squander an opportunity. I want my client, my man of the hour, my man of the night, to know that I’m going to take us wonderful places, whether we go out or we stay in.

One of my not so secret passions is fast cars. I like riding in them. I like watching them go fast. I like anything with a powerful motor, and I like movies about fast cars and sexy women. You could say that I’m just all about that whole subculture of motors and fun and women and speed. Do I have a need for speed? I guess you could call it that. Mostly I just want to be able to enjoy myself, and a fast, powerful car is one of the ways to do that. When you’re riding in a fast car, when your hair is blowing in the open window and you can feel every part of your body vibrating in time with the engine, it’s an incredible sensation. I enjoy riding in sports cars most of all. I’ve ridden in some truly rare luxury exotic cars, and every time I do, it turns me on. A car like that, the engine is just the entire thing. It’s like riding along strapped to a rocket. You can hear that engine sound, that distinctive growl like nothing else in the world. As cars go they’re really incredibly impractical, but who cares? You don’t buy a car like that because you’re worried about how you’re going to get the groceries home at the end of the day.

One of the things I like to do with my time is dress up in sexy outfits. I like my dresses and skirts to be really, really tight. I want them clinging to every curve of me. I know that when I dress like that, men are checking me out, and that’s okay. I like knowing that they’re doing it. I take real pleasure in knowing that when I walk into a nightclub, I’m oozing sexuality and every person who sees me is going to be impressed by it, drawn to it, jealous of it, or some combination of all of those things. To be honest, apart from the attention, I’m not sure why knowing a guy is hot for me makes me so happy, but it really does. Being a Toronto escort is all about image. You’ve got to be able to impress people with how sexy and beautiful you are, but you have to make it look like it’s effortless. Most of the time that’s not so difficult. But even when it’s effort, it’s a lot of fun. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had on a job, without any doubt.

Related to that is the fact that I enjoy the art of seduction. I like to be able to do it with just a look. Sure, any lady can seduce a man with her body. She can rub up against him, she can touch him, she can give him some idea of what he’s missing out on. If she uses her voice, that’s an even bigger advantage. She can really turn him on then. She can give him a fantasy, tell him what she wants to do, rev his motor up until he’s practically falling over himself to be with her. But it’s a lot harder to seduce a man by just giving him the bedroom eyes. I like to try that whenever possible. I like to approach life on the highest difficulty setting. I like to really earn what I get. I figure, that way, whatever comes my way, I know that I have done everything possible to deserve it, and I can savor it.