There may not be a whole lot of hard evidence to back this up, but we do think a combination of common sense, combined with what we are certain you already know about yourself and about the adult entertainment industry, will help you understand what we mean… and convince you to book with us. You see, it’s hard to find any good statistics on people who, for example, view pornography online. That’s because to conduct a good analysis you have to have a group of people who DON’T watch porn… and everybody does. Literally everybody looks at porn online, and there is a good reason for this. The sex drive is primal. It’s part of the human condition. Every man wants sex and every man thinks about wanting sex. Every heterosexual man who looks at a beautiful, sexy woman in a tight outfit will immediately want to look at her for as long as he can. He’ll openly stare at her if he can get away with it, and even if he does not explicitly think about his sexual fantasies, his body will be doing so for him. He will be thinking about what it would be like to be with that woman, and he will be telling himself how much he would like to put his hands on her, get close to her, make love to her, and a thousand other things we probably shouldn’t go into here. That’s because there is no more compelling need or desire than sex, and the proliferation of online pornography reflects that. But pornography is fundamentally unfulfilling and even frustrating. It simply can’t do the job that being in the same room with a beautiful woman can do, because it is entirely passive. It will always be pretend and will never become real.

Looking at porn is totally passive and it doesn’t interact with you in any way. You just watch it; it doesn’t speak to you, can’t answer your questions, and is something that other people are doing that you are merely watching. Any man who finds himself at the mercy of his sex drive will eventually find watching pornography to be ultimately unsatisfying. It simply isn’t enough for him anymore. He wants to interact with someone. He wants to be able to talk to a sexy girl, and hear her voice as she talks back to him. He wants to be able to say things that she understands and reacts to. He wants to be able to act out fantasies and discuss his desires. Well, because pornography offers none of this, another portion of the adult entertainment industry grew to address it, and that is phone and webcam chatting. Phone sex is at least potentially compelling in a way that pornography is not because you can actually talk to another person. That person can listen to your fantasies and help you to pretend to act them out. You can find some semblance of a personal connection there, and in some ways it is gratifying to actually be interacting with an unpredictable human being who may be able to surprise you, ask you questions, or otherwise engage with you on some human level. But it won’t be long before you feel ridiculous engaging in phone sex, because you will want something that is real. Pretending will not be enough for you. Imagining that there is a woman there for you to talk to will seem like a bad joke after a while. And so you may turn to webcam chats to get a visual dimension to the interaction. When you chat with a woman on a webcam, sure, you can see what she is doing, and the two of you can act out certain fantasies together. This is at least slightly better than merely pretending to act out fantasies. On a webcam chat, you can do things to yourself in response to her requests and suggestions, and she can do the same. But the two of you are not together. The person on the other end of the chat could be one block over or thousands of miles away, but he or she might as well be on another planet for all that you have any chance to be close to her. All of these forms of adult entertainment rely on tricking you, on fooling you, on allowing you to pretend and to simulate being with a woman. It all becomes unfulfilling and unsatisfying after a while because what it all has in common is that it is all pretend. You want to be with real women, don’t you? Of course you do.

Escorts are incredible for that reason, and so much better than other forms of adult entertainment. That is why you should book with Now, while it’s true that you cannot simply call us up and arrange to fulfill your sexual fantasies, because we do not contract for sex, what you are doing when you book with us is securing the time and attention of a sexy woman who is a real, live human being. When you sit with her, when you touch her hand, when you brush her hair out of her face, when she touches your arm and smiles at you, all of that is a real thing. It is not a simulation. It is not you pretending. It is an honest to goodness human being with feelings and thoughts and opinions, someone who can interact with you on the most fundamental of levels and provide you with real-life companionship in real time. If you could have this, why would you ever settle for something more passive? If you could have this, why would you ever go back once you experienced it the first time? Every one of us has the urge to make contact with a real live human being. We don’t want to pretend. We want to have a gorgeous lady actually in the room with us. will do that for you. We will put that lovely lady in touch with you. Let us make your life, and your nights, incredible.